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Time Reversing InTense
During and after menopause, the skin begins to dramatically lose its density, volume and plumpness. This happens because the proteins that make up the supporting structure of the skin, known as collagen and elastin, are compromised. At the same time the skin loses important sugar molecules (GAG) that attract water and make the skin plump and bouncy.
Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist™ addresses this crucial skin change with the use of Amino+, a peptide-based active that promotes the skin’s primary supporting components such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycans to improve and restore skin density. The result is visibly plumper skin with less sagging, reduced wrinkles and improved facial contours*.
The anti-ageing action of Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist™ is enhanced with GenisteinSOY, an innovative and revolutionary anti-ageing nutrient originating from natural soy protein, that is the result of 10 years’ intensive research by Oriflame’s leading scientists.

GenisteinSOY has proven antioxidant, photo-protective and youth protein boosting effects, and also acts at the genetic level to stimulate a trio of genes essential to the maintenance of youthful-looking skin – the ‘anti-dryness gene’, the ‘cell rejuvenator gene’ and the ‘structural gene’.

 Time Reversing Intense SkinGenist™ is further enriched with Rock Rose and Vine Orchid extracts to protect and reinforce the needs of mature skin. It also contains L-Glutamine, an amino acid which acts as a cellular ‘fuel’ to help reactivate ageing skin cells.


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Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Day Cream SPF 15
Extra-pure encapsulated GenisteinSOY acts on the skin’s Beauty Genes™ to help maintain plump skin that radia…
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Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Eye Cream
Improves all signs of ageing around the eyes in post-menopausal period. With GenisteinSOY and Amino+ complex, proven to …
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Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Rejuvenating Face & Neck Serum
Luxuriously silky anti-ageing serum specially formulated for the face, neck and jawline. Multi-benefit formula firms, t…
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Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII™ Night Cream
The ultimate age-defying solution engineered to target all aspects of postmenopausal skin. With GenisteinSOY and Amino+ …
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