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Optimals Even Out

Ideal for: Women of all ages who want to reduce the visibility of their dark spots.
Ingredients: Rumex – a plant species found in the meadows and riverbanks throughout Canada’s western prairies. Rumex extract works to decrease the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme regulating the melanin production that causes skin discoloration.
LINGON50:50TM – protective antioxidant technology.
SPF20 (day cream) – protects your skin against photo ageing.
Results: Evens skin tone with less visible dark spots. Skin protected against sun damage and further darkening.

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Optimals Even Out Multi-targeting CC Cream SPF 20
A colour corrective cream that adapts to your skin tone, reducing the appearance of dark spots. Skin appears even, radia…
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Optimals Even Out CC Face Cream SPF 20
A daily 9-in-1 CC cream that provides instant coverage while reducing and helping prevent dark spots for a perfectly ev…
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Even Out Day Lotion SPF 35
Optimals Even Out Protecting Day Lotion SPF 35 is a feather-light textured hydrating lotion that reduces the appearance…
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Even Out Night Cream
Optimals Even Out Replenishing Night Cream is a rich, nourishing night cream that reduces the appearance of dark spots,…
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Optimals Even Out Perfecting Eye Cream
A hydrating eye cream that reduces the appearance of dark spots and dark circles around the eye area. Instantly brighten…
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Optimals Even Out Replenishing Night Cream Optimals Even Out Preventing Day Cream SPF 20 Cardboard Small gift bag Silv…
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Even Out Day Cream SPF 20
Optimals Even Out Preventing Day Cream SPF 20 is a hydrating day cream that reveals naturally radiant, even skin. Effec…
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Even Out Skin Correcting Serum
Optimals Even Out Illuminating Serum is an optimally concentrated, instantly hydrating facial serum that reduces the…
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Optimals Even Out Cleansing Foam
A foaming cleanser with a creamy texture that deeply and gently cleanses and helps reduce dark spots, to reveal an even,…
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Optimals Even Out Clarifying Toner
A toner that helps reduce dark spots and promotes an even, bright and radiant complexion. Removes last traces of impurit…
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