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NovAge Ultimate Lift

Is loss of firmness ageing your face? Oriflame’s scientific AgeReflectTM skin-ageing study with almost 1,000 women revealed that loss of firmness and contour definition adds years to your perceived age.
But now it’s time to bounce back. Introducing NovAge Ultimate Lift, our new, advanced performing anti-ageing range. Ultimate Lift restores
firmness and suppleness over time, for a truly lifted look, with more defined contours, visibly smoothened wrinkles and a delightfully
youthful bounce. NovAge Ultimate Lift is powered by our revolutionary patented technology, AspartoLift, an amino-acid derivative. A significant cause of firmness loss is a stiffening of the dermal fibroblasts, which diminishes their ability tosynthesise elastin. In our scientific studies, AspartoLift restored their flexibility making them function more like cells 20 years younger.** NovAge Ultimate Lift. A remarkable breakthrough in the science of firming and lifting – it’s time to bounce back.

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NovAge Pouch
Polyester jacquard toiletry bag with monochrome design. Polyester-lined interior with organiser pockets. Zip closure. Si…
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NovAge Hydra Calm Eye Make-Up Remover
Advanced performing eye make-up remover. Effectively yet gently removes make up and other impurities and helps strengthe…
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NovAge Ultimate Lift skin care SET OF 6 PRODUCTS
Is loss of firmness ageing your face? Oriflame’s scientific AgeReflectTM skin-ageing study with almost 1,000 women…
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NovAge Ultimate Lift Advanced Lifting Eye Cream
Firms, lifts and improves elasticity over time for a more youthful eye contour with less visible wrinkles. Instantly smo…
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NovAge Ultimate Lift Lifting Concentrate Serum
Silky, cushioning superserum, powered by patented AspartoLift and TriPeptide Complex technologies. Firms, lifts, improve…
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NovAge Ultimate Lift Advanced Lifting Day Cream SPF15
AspartoLift, restores firmness and elasticity for a visibly lifted, sculpted look over time. With plant stem cell extrac…
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NovAge Ultimate Lift Overnight Lifting & Contouring Cream
Extra-nourishing and replenishing night cream powered by Aspartolift and plant stem cell extract. Restores hydration, fi…
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NovAge Smoothing Cleansing Milk
Rich, creamy, anti-ageing cleansing milk powered by NutriPlus technology. Deeply cleans away make up and impurities, and…
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NovAge Skin Softening Toning Lotion
Refreshing water-gel toning lotion powered by HydraPlus technology. Removes the fi nal residues from cleansing and satur…
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