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8 Jan 2007, 09:31

Oriflame now proudly announces Skindividual. It’s a unique adaptive skincare product that identifies individual skin’s needs and acts to help preserve skin’s youth potential

The uniqueness of Skindividual is due to the Dermo-Adapt™ technology which has been filed for patent. This breakthrough technology is the result of thorough research of ageing processes lead by Oriflame Research Centre. At the very heart of this technology is the Swedish wild-growing plant lingonberry

Dermo-Adapt™ technology has been proven to

1. Protect: act as an anti-oxidant and photo-protector

2. Revitalize: stimulate cellular renewal 

3. Regenerate: activate skin’s natural repair process

The Skindividual product range consists of a day cream, a night cream and later on also an eye serum.

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