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What is the Oriflame policy on animal testing?
Oriflame has never tested, nor commissioned the testing of, cosmetic ingredients on animals.
What is Oriflame Cosmetics stance on the use of aerosols?
Oriflame Cosmetics has never, since inception in 1967, manufactured aerosols containing CFC propellants.  A number
What concentration of AHA’s in a product is safe?
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (commonly termed fruit acids) have become popular in skincare products imparting a keratolytic effect
Are Oriflame Cosmetics products alcohol-free?
Most Oriflame Cosmetics skincare formulations are alcohol-free.  However, some products (such as facial toners) contain
Does Oriflame Cosmetics make any “aluminum-free” antiperspirants or deodorants?
Media reports have linked the use of antiperspirants containing aluminium salts and actives to Alzheimer’s disease
Do any Oriflame Cosmetics formulations contain animal ingredients?
Oriflame incorporates the concept of ‘Natural Swedish’ and wisdom of nature into the formulation of our products. 
Where do I find the batch code of a product?
All global Oriflame Cosmetic products manufactured from 2000 have the batch code and expiry date printed on the base label
I am concerned about BSE
Oriflame products do not contain ingredients from dead animal sources, nor tissues or extracts from bovine, ovine, caprine
What type of collagen is used in Oriflame products?
It is Oriflame Cosmetics policy not to incorporate ingredients derived from dead animal sources in our
What is a cosmetic product?
The official definition of a cosmetic product as dictated by the EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC is as follows: ‘A
Does Oriflame use any dangerous ingredients?
Oriflame is proud of its Natural Swedish origins.  To this effect, for safety, environmental and ethical reasons, a
What does the e mark mean?
The e mark is the symbol representing the Average Fill Regulations. Products with contents of 5 grams or greater must
What does emollient mean?
An emollient is a raw material used in formulations to soften and smoothen the skin.
What is an emulsion?
An emulsion is a mixture of two non-miscible phases, such as oil and aqueous.  Emulsifiers and stabilisers are added
What does exfoliant mean?
An exfoliant acts to slough away dead epidermal skin cells and encourage accelerated cell renewal, thus promoting radiant,

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